Freeze Dried Sea Moss

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Sea moss contains 92 of the 102 minerals required for optimal health. It is natures most potent organ fuel! The benefits (see here) of Irish Sea moss cannot be overstated, but there is one draw back - Sea moss gel has a maximum shelf life of 3-4 weeks in the fridge. 

Survival Moss solves this problem by leveraging the best food preservation technology available - lyophilization aka freeze drying!

Lyophilization is a complex food preservation technique. First the product is exposed to a deep freeze of -40°C. While maintaining this temperature, the product is then exposed to a deep vacuum for several days. This process sublimates all the ice directly into a vapor before a final dry cycle is applied to remove any remaining moisture. Overall, 99.9% of the water is removed from the final product, allowing it to be stable at room temperature for up to 25 years while maintaining 97% of the original nutritional value.

How to use: For daily maintenance, using the provided spoon (tsp), add 2-4 scoops (scooper included) to any beverage or food. Survival Moss is almost entirely tasteless and odorless.

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Love this product.. Sent as gift

Catherine Fulton

Freeze Dried Sea Moss


Great product!

Love this Product

Please let me know as soon as the freeze dried is available, we are almost out! SOS
We need to order as soon as possible please email me. Thank you, fantastic product 🫶🏼

Sea moss - magic

I have been taking the dried sea moss daily from past one month

this has drastically reduced my fatigue and my family has noticed a great change in my energy- also i use to have very dried flaky patches in my face but that has reduced a lot . Thanks to sea moss it has been doing its expected magic .
Taking step 2 to incorporate lions mane as well in my daily diet…
Highly recommend anyone struggling with auto immune flares ups