Survival Moss

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Irish Sea Moss contains 92 of the 102 minerals required for optimal health. It is natures most potent organ fuel! The benefits (see here) of Irish Sea Moss cannot be overstated, but there is one draw back - Sea Moss has a maximum shelf life of 3 weeks in the fridge. 

Survival Moss solves this problem by leveraging the best food preservation technique available - lyophilization aka freeze drying!

Lyophilization is a complex food preservation technique. First the product is exposed to a deep freeze of -40°C. While maintaining this temperature, the product is then exposed to a deep vacuum for several days. This process sublimates all the ice directly into a vapor before a final dry cycle is applied to remove any remaining moisture. Overall, 99.9% of the water is removed from the final product, allowing it to be stable at room temperature for up to 25 years while maintaining 97% of the original nutritional value.

How to use: For daily maintenance, using the provided spoon (tsp), add 1-2 tsp to any beverage or food. Survival Moss is almost entirely tasteless and odorless.

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Best seamoss in BC

Ms.Amanie customer service is on point easy to deal with and product taste good can’t even taste the seamoss you can take it straight. I really have noticed many improvements first off a significant amount of changes my skin feels great , hair is so much healthier, improved digestion. My energy level has increased immensely I have been able to complete my workouts and with extra energy for the day. She’s my go to worth ever dollar 💵


Love this product! I highly recommend! Notice energy levels increase and the white in my eyes brightening up. Your eyes tell you a lot. I’ll be definitely buying more product. 🙏


Great product and it tastes good too! I 100% recommend everyone to try out this product.

dj sryuj
Great product

Great product and customer service! I recommend this to everyone 5/5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️