Survival Moss

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Irish Sea Moss contains 92 of the 102 minerals required for optimal health. It is natures most potent organ fuel! The benefits (see here) of Irish Sea Moss cannot be overstated, but there is one draw back - Sea Moss has a maximum shelf life of 3 weeks in the fridge. 

Survival Moss solves this problem by leveraging the best food preservation technique available - lyophilization aka freeze drying!

Lyophilization is a complex food preservation technique. First the product is exposed to a deep freeze of -40°C. While maintaining this temperature, the product is then exposed to a deep vacuum for several days. This process sublimates all the ice directly into a vapor before a final dry cycle is applied to remove any remaining moisture. Overall, 99.9% of the water is removed from the final product, allowing it to be stable at room temperature for up to 25 years while maintaining 97% of the original nutritional value.

How to use: For daily maintenance, using the provided spoon (tsp), add 1-2 tsp to any beverage or food. Survival Moss is almost entirely tasteless and odorless.

Customer Reviews

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Danielle Dahdouh

Great Miracle Product!

I was first introduced to seamoss by Amanie, the owner of @survivalmoss, @lesFoliesD’Amanie.

I take Seamoss Gel every morning on a empty stomach and since using seamoss for over 3 months I have noticed many improvements first off a significant amount of weight-loss, my skin feels great and looks great, my hair is so much healthier, improved digestion I don’t feel bloated I feel light and clean. My energy level has increased immensely I have been able to complete my workouts daily way easier and with all this extra energy that I have I must BELLYDANCE every night to ware myself off lollll 😊

Just wanted to say thank you Amanie for introducing me to this amazing product! The quality is perfect, customer service is perfect, and Amanie you are awesome. Love the freeze dried skittles love how airy and crunchy they are.




I would buy artisan jars off Amazon full of nasty flavoring and colors, up until I came across this product.

Freeze Dried Seamoss! How smart! It completely eliminated all the hard work involved in preparing this ingredient.

I've used the jars and they were fine until I couldn't stomach anymore. When I would put into foods, it wasn't too bad. But consuming straight from the jar got tough some days.

The powder completely solved all my texture problems! Now, I don't even notice it in my meals. Super convenient and sustainable.

Now I need to find a way to buy bulk ;) I'm very happy with the product.

Thank you Survival Moss.

Love it!

I have been buying the Seamoss Jars from this local vendor for a couple months now. I've always been a seamoss consumer and would even prepare my own.

Honestly! At this price, I wouldn't go through the troubles of doing it anymore. I was never able to get it as tasteless and odorless as the Survival Moss product. The jar pops open with freshness and no rancid smells come through. Just be careful placing the jars towards the back of the fridge where there is colder temperatures. I've come back for more, to find my jar cracked from freezing over. Amanie was so kind to replaced it with their freshest batch avaliable.

I've never noticed drastic improvements while using the dry bags from online. Not sure if I was doing it wrong... With Survival Moss I noticed a difference in the first 5 days of consuming. My energy level was amazing and I had deeper longer sleeps. I feel great. It's definitely become apart of my health regiment and my body feels off when I miss days from the week. My tummy is thanking me as my digestion overall feels improved.

I am a loyal customer of Survival Moss and love all the extras they offer.

Thank you Survival Moss.

AMAZING! Deserves all the hype!

I can vouch to all the excitement around SeaMoss as a loyal customer. Like many others, I was intrigued by SeaMoss after seeing how popular it was on social media and what an impact it had on other people and thankfully this vendor was close by, accessible online and offline, and well-stocked with the items being sold! SeaMoss by SurvivalMoss is fantastic!

Since using it, my own physical health, digestion, and hormones have undergone a significant improvement. Less hair has fallen out, and my skin has improved as well. This product actually accomplishes what it says it will!

As a local, neighbourhood business, the customer service is excellent. Amanie is so personable and truly such an angel; she is extremely understanding, patient, and caring! She is knowledgeable about the being produced product. She has assisted me with any inquiries I had about the uses and effects of the SeaMoss item and is quite inventive when it comes to thinking of new uses for it. She is knowledgeable about the uses and affects of the product as well.

The freeze-dried treats are my personal favourite. Freeze dried skittles are probably the best thing I've ever had!!! The airy crunchy texture and intense flavours are so good! Not comparable to any other form of candy I have had.

If you're curious about the product and wanting to try, I highly recommend all the products that is being offered! The price point for everything being sold is super reasonable as well. I am really happy with the products itself and the customer service and will continue being a loyal customer :)