Seamoss Gel

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Kathleen Katerberg

Tried this product out at a local market and honestly have been so excited to get more The cinnamon one tastes exactly like apple sauce to me And i'm looking forward to adding the dried See moss to my smoothies

Amrit Garcha
Works great!

This product is awesome. I take the recommended dosage every morning on an empty stomach and I feel great. Good energy, no bloating and tastes great too! Highly recommended!

Irene Pinto
Seamoss gel

I normally don't write reviews but I just finished my first jar of Seamoss gel and it has made a difference in how I feel. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease a few years ago I found my energy levels dropping significantly year after year. A friend of mine suggested trying out irish seamoss from Survivalmoss as I had tried other supplements before with no results. I tried the cinnamon and maple flavor and found it to be just like applesauce. It was very easy to incorporate a tablespoon into my daily routine and it lasted about a month.
I did not feel anything in the first few weeks but then the last 2 weeks I slowly started to feel a bit more energy in the morning without having to resort to a couple of cups of coffee. I'm not where I was before my diagnosis but I do feel better and it's a start. I cannot wait to try out the unflavored one so I can add that to my smoothies as well.

Tanya Rudat

I have just started using this for a few months after see this for the first time at a wellness fair. I can completely tell this couple is passionate and truly cares about their product.
Started using this and I too have an autoimmune disease and finding already that is helps in how I am just feeling overall. I am very sensitive to how my body works and therefore can honestly tell when a product is working.
I love the taste...especially the cinnamon one. Yum!

And the mushroom tea....I was shocked how much I get from just a few chunks. It makes a huge pot of tea and I even use it cold in my water bottle. Have reused the chunks a few times and it continues to produce dark great tasting tea. Love it! Well worth the price!

Quyen Le
Sea moss gel

Survivalmoss makes the best sea moss gel ever! I’ve tried the unflavoured one as well as the cinnamon maple one and they’re both delicious. Lots of people say sea moss gel is disgusting but the ones from Survivalmoss is very easy to eat and there’s no yucky taste to it. I usually just eat a spoonful of it every morning. Highly recommend.