The Human Garage Philosophy: Healing Trauma Through Fascial Release

At Survival Moss, we are thrilled to partner with Human Garage, an innovative wellness entity that aligns perfectly with our philosophy of holistic health and well-being. Human Garage stands out for its unique approach to physical and emotional wellness, focusing on the fascia, a critical yet often overlooked component of our body's structure.

The Fascia Focus
Human Garage's methodology centers on the understanding that trauma, both physical and emotional, is stored in the fascia. This connective tissue, enveloping every muscle, bone, nerve, and organ, plays a pivotal role in our overall health. Through specialized fascia-focused maneuvers, Human Garage aids in releasing accumulated trauma, fostering a state of balance and rejuvenation.

The 28-Day Reset
One of their standout programs is the "28 Day Reset," a comprehensive plan designed to realign your body and mind, facilitating a profound transformation in how you feel and function. This program embodies the essence of their philosophy, offering a pathway to renewed vitality.

Human Garage's Innovative Products:
Fascial Foundation™: Reduce Stress, Enhance Memory and Rebuild your Body in and around the fascia with our unique pharmacological blend of Diatomaceous Earth — earth’s truest form of silica — and Ashwith™, which promotes a healthy brain and protects our cells from stress. 
Fascial Flow™: Increase Energy, Enhance Mood and Replenish your body with our unique pharmacological blend of Irish Sea Moss containing 92 essential minerals your body needs for optimal function and all-natural Glyvia™ for maximum nutrient absorption and sugar regulation.
Fascial Fuel™: All-natural, zero-carb, exogenous ketone supplement that rapidly fuels mental and physical performance and naturally supports weight management. It can be used as a natural energy pre-workout or to focus and feel more alert throughout the day.
PowerCurc30™: 125 times stronger than standard Curcumin making it the world’s strongest antioxidant and an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory. This unique blend turns off the production of inflammatory proteins at the sub-cellular level hat causes excess inflammation in the body. 

Hydration and Nutrition

Human Garage emphasizes the importance of fascia hydration, advocating for a mineral-rich diet or supplementation to maintain optimal fascial health. This is where our partnership comes into play, as Survival Moss contributes to this holistic journey with our nutrient-rich sea moss products, perfectly complementing their fascial health protocols. Together, we offer a synergistic approach to wellness, empowering individuals to reach optimal health and vitality.

Discover the transformative power of Human Garage's approach and their specialized products by exploring and learning more about how they can revolutionize your approach to health and wellness.